Steph Mantis is a designer, maker, and creative consultant. Her work focuses on creating products that provide an added moment of play or humor through our daily experiences.

I studied industrial design at Pratt Institute and glass design at the Danish Design School. I currently make some of my designs by hand with my small team of talented people, as well as license some of my designs to other companies like Kikkerland.

Ultimately, I aim to create value. I believe there is value in play and humor, and hope to provide an added moment of either through our daily experiences.

I grew up off the coast of southern Maine, where my family owns a pizzeria. As a result, I have a unique interest and genuine appreciation of the food. Through my exploration of pizza as object/culture (see "Forever Pizza"), I have had the pleasure of connecting to a number of extremely wonderful people, including Brian Dwyer, founder of the World's First Pizza Museum, Mark and Jenny Bello, owners of NYC's premier pizza school, "Pizza a Casa," and Scott Wiener of Scott's Pizza Tours, for whom I designed the exhibition of his international collection of pizza boxes. He currently holds the Guinness World Record with over 850 boxes and counting.

Beyond pizza and design, I am interested in food at large, nutrition, sensory sciences, psychology, and photography. I train regularly in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, like wearing hats, and thoroughly enjoy meeting new people.


If you would like to inquire about a project, propose a collaboration, or just feel like saying hi, please do so!


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