Inspired by my love for pizza and a certain gang of underground teenage turtles, this Ninja Throwing Slice is made using real pizza from my family's pizzeria in Maine. This piece was originally created for the AmDC Threat exhibition that took place in March of 2012.

Initially dubbed "Ninja Throwing Slices," in reference to the Threat show, the vocabulary has since evolved. You may now refer to a single piece as a "Forever Slice."

FAQ's about Forever Pizza

Can I open it? And take out the pizza?

Can I melt the resin to get to the pizza?

Can I eat it later?

Why can't I eat the pizza? Or get it out?
-Because it's in resin, as in solid plastic, as in toxic. And it will never come out. Ever.

Is this functional?
-YES. It's really good at sitting on table tops, and being a conversation starter.

Where are the giant Pizza Ninja Stars? Can I buy them?
-The Pizza Ninja Stars are currently being housed at the world's first pizza museum, Pizza Brain, in Philadelphia PA. You should go there, for sure. And maybe you can buy them, but let's talk about it.

How big are the slices?
-Not that big. My family only sells one size pie; a personal 10 inch pie. So your resin blocked out slice is 5 inches crust to point.


Get a piece of the pie.
Current topping: PEPPERONI

-->SOLD OUT<--

Shocked? Disappointed?
You're not alone. There is hope.
Email me if you want to get on the waiting list for the next available batch.
If you really want to have pizza forever, then you know how I feel; make the call.

Forever Pizza <3