In the words of the beloved Pat Kim,
"some of my very talented friends, listed alphabetically, not by how much I like them."

Organizations that rock
JOIN Design Seattle

Friends and Influences
Evan Dublin
Grain Design
Sara Ebert
Iacoli & McAllister
Pat Kim
Kiel Mead
Liz Pavese
Brian Persico
Jason Pfaffle
Ali Pulver
R&L Goods
Kendall Mills
Sarah Boatright
Carrie Bilbo
Sophie Readling
Val Volkova
RayRay Mitrano
Ink Stories
Richard Bloch
Arnold Syrop
South Slope Wood Works
Eric Stevenson

also, click on that little lightening bolt in the upper right corner to see some sweet sites by people that also use Cargo (who is awesome, btw) as their host.